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[Released] Voice Recorder Vita v1.0 By @VitaHex - PS Vita

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Voice Recorder Vita v1.0 By @VitaHex

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VitaHex has released an awesome application that lets your record your own voice, like a Dictaphone right on your PS Vita, here is some information from the source:






Voice Recorder Vita is a simple voice recording app that was missing from the Vita.
You can record for up to 30 seconds and your recordings are saved in ux0:/data/Recordings/ in .wav format.
The app fully uses the touch screen to control everything with a clean and modern look.
There is also a menu that lists all your recordings.

  • Minimal interface with a dark modern look
  • Record up to 30 seconds (configurable)
  • Recordings are saved in .wav format
  • List with all your recordings with ability to play/delete



Here are some of the developers other Homebrews:

Pro Camera Vita v.1.1

Crazy Traffic Jam 3D v.1.0





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