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3DS Tool NTRBoot very cool

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NTRBoot has been released which involves the use of a DS flashcard and magnet that can unlock several useful options for your 3DS. If you have a bricked 3DS this may be able to breathe life back into it. 3DS on non exploitable fw can now be hacked. Apparently works on every 3DS just to get that out there. By the following people (quote of source): 



@Normmatt for initial implementation, bug squashing, expertiese... etc.
@SciresM for sighax/boot9strap and flashcart RE. @hedgeberg for testing and flashcart RE. stuckpixel for testing.
Myria for testing.

Huge props to @d3m3vilurr for figuring this out on their own!



Here's a helpful guide to get started https://3ds.guide/ntrboot 


There are several useful faqs you should probably read on the source via thread : https://gbatemp.net/threads/ntrboot-released.472585/ 


It seems rather exciting, if you have ever bricked a 3DS and still have it, or updated past exploitable fw. And you get to use a magnet to screw with factory option stuff which is all I need to hear before I hunt down some DS carts.  



Source thread https://gbatemp.net/threads/ntrboot-released.472585/ 

Source https://github.com/kitling/ntrboot_flasher





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