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[Released] PS3 Homebrew Archive - PS3

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GregoryRasputin    4,753

PS3 Homebrew Archive

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I was going through an old HardDrive earlier today and i found a bunch of homebrew i had saved, probably won't be useful for anyone, but it is nice to have, here is the complete list:




3.41/3.55 CFW

  • AsbestOS Hybrid Loader by MrGatz85 and Cael
  • AsbestOS Installer v1.5
  • Awesome Mount Manager v1.1 by NZHawk
  • Awesome Peek Poker v0.2+ by NZHawk
  • blackb0x FTP v1.2
  • Button Layout Changer v1.3 by Rogero
  • CDG Player
  • Comgenies Awesome Filemanager v0.6
  • Condor Updater by CondorStrike
  • dev_blind Final
  • eEID_RKDumper by flatz
  • Factory Service Mode v0.2
  • Flex Manager Beta
  • Free Flash by Waninkoko
  • Gaia v2.07
  • Hermes Manger v1.5
  • IDPS Viewer
  • Iris Manger v1.2
  • USB Firm Loader v0.3 by jaicrab
  • LSPWN v0.1 by adrianc
  • LV2 Loader
  • memdump v0.01 Final
  • Open Copy Install v1.1c
  • Open Manager v2.1
  • Open PS3-FTP by jjolano
  • Open PS2 Loader ISO v0.8 by coveman
  • PS Jailbreak Manager 
  • PS3 FTP Server by CJCP
  • PS3 Minimal Firmware Checker
  • PS3 Model Detection
  • PS Seismograph
  • PS3LoadX(Fixed for 3.55) by CondorStrike
  • PSIDPatch v1.5 by stoker25
  • PSNnja v3
  • PSPoke V1.1
  • PSVibe by jjolano
  • QuickDumpR
  • Rogero Manager
  • Sexy Manager
  • Simple AVCHD Manager v0.1
  • Simple Filemanager
  • SKFU Exploit Loader
  • Solar v4.2
  • Solar Rogero Manager v4.2
  • Thank You Manager v1.0
  • WinDos Final
  • Wipe History v2.0
  • XMB eEIDx Dumper by Evilnat
  • XMB Manager Plus v0.20



4.21 CFW

  • blackb0x for 4.21
  • Comgenies Awesome Filemanager for 4.21
  • dev_blind for 4.21
  • ReactPSN for 4.21


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