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[Release] Switch Adrenaline by Gdljjrod

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Developer @gdljjrod has released a new PlayStation Vita homebrew application in collaboration with Team ONElua. The app is called Switch Adrenaline and that's exactly what it does.




Switch Adrenaline will not let you install the eCFW itself, so Adrenaline must already be installed in order for this app to work. The application is based on Adrenaline EasyInstaller from @Freakler and supports Adrenaline 3.0 to the newest.



Switch Adrenaline allows you to exchange between the different Adrenaline versions from v3 to the newest.




Credits go to:

  • Theflow for all his work (adrenaline, updater)
  • Freakler's HB Adrenaline Easyinstaller.
  • Team molecule (do I have to say why XD)
  • Everyone else in the scene keep doing all that good work.





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Somehow it got posted early.

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