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RE-Release | MicroSD adapter for PS Vita 3G!

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Hey guys, so many of you may know of the ps vita Micro SD adapter from Yifan Lu. 



Now those of you who knew about this most likely know most of the stock was sold out by the time you heard about it. 


Guess what, for those of you who missed out the first time round, Yifan Lu has just announced another 400 boards have been produced. This will take the total number of produced units up to 500. According to sources, there have already been another 100 sold, if not more by the time i am writing this. if you would like one it is recommended to make a move on this as soon as possible. 


Please remember when purchasing these, they can only work in the old FAT PS Vita with the 3G adapter. this is because the Micro SD adapter uses the same port that the 3G card uses inside the PS Vita. Therefore it can only work on the PS Vita with 3g adapter. so keep this in mind when purchasing. 


If you would like to purchase one please visit the indieGoGo page where Yifan Lu has it listed: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/ps-vita-3g-to-microsd-card-adapter#/

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