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Saban's Power Rangers

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ConsoleHax    132



I grew up with Power Rangers, and so I was very sceptical about the new movie (since the previous movies weren't anything like the original series and had a lame story). Yet yesterday I decided it was time to watch the 2017 reboot, directed by Dean Israelite. And to be honest for the first time in a very long time I had goosebumps during some of the scenes.


The movie has a Metacritic score of 44, and a lot of '90s kids' are finding this reboot awful. I don't share that opinion, the exploration of their newly found powers did receive much airtime, but it didn't bother me. The main characters are not Saved By The Bell teenagers, but they all cary their own packbag.


I won't be spoiling anything because I really recommend you to watch this gem.

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thezander    492

I was never into power rangers myself, probably because it didn't fit into my TV schedule. So I don't know much about it the trailer looked cool though, kind of like a transformer movie though. It does seem as sort of a mix between TMNT and transformers. I might watch it some other time I did see it got lousy reviews and assumed it was a bunch of teenagers work attitudes having to save the day. But you're saying it's not like that so I might see it when it goes on Netflix or something.

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BobbyBlunt    827

Movie was terrible. I expected very little, and was still disappointed 

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GregoryRasputin    4,803

Never really watched Power Rangers when i was young, i see a couple of episodes now and then when the kid's have it on and i really don't think it's that great, maybe it's because it's not the OG Power Rangers that everyone loves.


So i wasn't expecting a lot when i watched the movie, i was pleasantly surprised by it though and really enjoyed it.

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