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[Released] VitaCord v1.06 - #Discord #HENkaku - PS Vita

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VitaCord v1.06 - #Discord #HENkaku

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devingDev has released a few updates on his Discord app for the PS Vita, here are the changes:





  • Due to rendering too far I guess it crashed . Y axis was like 5300 + in vita2d_font_draw_text()
  • So I added an if(y < MAX_Y && y > MIN_Y)
  • Keyboard is now fixed!
  • DM scrolling is buggy....



  • Added multithreading, so messages in the channel will be loaded in the background and not block everything:)
  • Password is now hidden with eight asterisks (*) .
  • Some simple wordwrap (won't work with words longer than a line yet )



  • Added (shitty) DM icon. Tap it to access your DM's and view or send back .


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