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[Released] VitaCord v1.03 - #Discord #HENkaku - PS Vita

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VitaCord v1.03 - #Discord #HENkaku

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There is no doubt that Discord has probably become the most popular chat app around at the moment, back in the PSP days we had an IRC Homebrew app, now its the turn of Discord.

When i was originally going to post this an hour ago, it was only on version 1.02, this is the fourth update in eight hours and it looks like the developer devingDev is committed to making this an awesome app, with the current release 

adding Two Factor Authentication(2FA), here is a quote from the source, followed by the changes:






HI there, if you need a discord client on your vita, I have something for you!

Thanks to : Rinnegatamante , xyz , dave , noname120 , T3CHNOLOGIC , XandridFire , SKGleba and many more I don't remember right now , for helping me !

I did this in a hurry so it does NOT look good at all.

It also has only a few simple features which are , as I write currently :

  • Supports Discord 2FA login
  • Select Server / Channel.
  • Read Channel messages ( last 50 only! )
  • Send messages to channel!






Version 1.03

Added 2FA check and login!

Much thanks to the people helping me : "XandridFire" and "SKGleba"


Version 1.02

Added some logging to know why stuff crashes.


Version 1.01

Now you can scroll with R/L buttons.

Can't join to a voice channel anylonger :)

and some more.


Version 1.00 release

Vita discord.
first release.

Switch between guilds/channels , see messages in channel and send messages.


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