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[Released] MediaImporter v0.8 - #HENkaku - PS Vita

MediaImporter v0.8 - #HENkaku

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cnsldv has released an application that lets you import video files to the correct video directory for use with the Vitas video player, here is a quote from the source:






The Vita video player isn't the best, but it's all we have right now. This simple homebrew removes the need to import your videos into CMA/QCMA on your computer, one of the biggest issues with the standard app IMO.


I tested on my collection, but they come from personal DVDs so it's not tested with a wide variety of formats.


I don't personally use the music or photo app, but if there is interest I might add importing those into their apps.


What it does
* adds mp4 files found in ux0:/video and subdirectories to the video player database
* removes from database videos whose files cannot be found
* sets icons if found with same filename & extension .THM, .thm, .JPG or .jpg


What it doesn't do
* add files under uma0: for some reason the video player says "file type not supported" (uma0: mapped as ux0: works)
* check whether the media is actually playable
* create thumbnail (this is done by video app when you start it)
* set video size metadata (maybe later)
* import photos & videos into the camera app (maybe later)
* import music into the music app (maybe later)





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