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The Long Dark Finally Coming To PS4

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I remember when this game was first put on Kickstarter, i was drawn to it as one of the goals which was to have David Hayter's voice in the game if said goal was reached and they more than met all their goals, i did not support the game on Kickstarter but i did purchase it on the Xbox One in May 2016, the game is great but it was still in preview mode and it didn't have that all important story mode. great news though as Hinterland Studio announced a couple of days ago that the game would be getting an official release, as well as getting the all important story mode and they announced that it would also be coming to the PS4, here is some information from the source, followed by some video's:







After hundreds of updates where we’ve incorporated a wealth of community feedback, we’re on the final stretch to finalizing our 1.0 launch. On August 1st, 2017, THE LONG DARK officially launches!

I’m also happy to announce that on August 1st, we’re releasing the first two episodes of our five-episode story mode, which we’re calling WINTERMUTE.


We’re also really excited to announce that the 1.0 version of THE LONG DARK will be coming to Sony’s PlayStation 4 console! There’s been a tremendous amount of interest from PlayStation players who’ve had to watch the game from the sidelines, so we’re happy to finally be able to invite them to our growing community of Steam and Xbox One players of THE LONG DARK.

Our handling of Story Mode development has been entirely based on wanting to preserve the mystery for our players, and trying to show that at launch, they are essentially getting a whole new experience. As such, there is still much to discover in WINTERMUTE. There are game mechanics and parts of the world -- some hinted at in the new Teaser -- that we have yet to share. We’ll have lots more to say -- and show -- about those things in the months leading up to launch.






I personally recommend this game as it is a great deal of fun.

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