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How To Get Skype On PS Vita - Works on Firmware 3.60 to 3.63

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It seems the original post i created that you can see in the Reveal hidden contents spoiler below, was a ripped of guide, the original guide is by @silicaAndPina and NOT the GBATemp member, my guess is the GBATemp member wanted to extend his ePeen and make people think he did something awesome, when in reality he stole someone else work, so below is the original guide:






Install Skype App on 3.63:
:D Install Skype on PSVita 3.63:
2. Extract To <QCMA Backups Folder>/EXTRACTED/APP
3. Open PSVIMGTOOLS-FRONTEND and goto Backup Mannager > Sign And Pack > Your Account > Skype
4. Copy It To Your PSVita And Enjoy :P
How does it workz?????
Well quite simply its a DRMFree App That was originally on the PS Store
However Sony removed it and it is no longer 'supported' but it still works (for now)
EDIT: It seems only accounts made BEFORE Microsoft Fucked Everything Up With Microsoft Accounts.

Will actually connect with this unfortunately.
















The PS Vita used to have Skype, but for some stupid reason it was discontinued on the device last year, but thanks to a tutorial by YugiSenpai from GBATemp, you can now get it back on your PS Vita:





1. Run QCMA and finish setting it up

2. Extract SKYPE.zip to <QCMA Backups Folder>/EXTRACTED/APP (create EXTRACTED/APP if you don't have it)

3. Open psvingtools-frontend and go to Backup Manager > Sign And Pack > Playstation Vita > Your Account > Skype

4.Close out of psvingtools and Connect your PS Vita to your computer

5.Open up Content Manager on your PS Vita

6.Press Copy Content > PC to PS Vita System > Applications > PS Vita > Skype

7.Press Copy




All files needed and further information are at the




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