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[Released] #Adrenaline Easy Installer v1.10 - #HENkaku - PS Vita

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  • GregoryRasputin

#Adrenaline Easy Installer v1.10 - #HENkaku

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@Freakler has updated his application that makes it easier to use TheFlow's Adrenaline, here is a quote of the recent changes:







  • updated for Adrenaline-4
  • added option to delete SaveStates



  • updated for Adrenaline-3.1



  • updated for Adrenaline-3 fix
  • removed resetting of installed flash files when up/downgrading as its not needed



  • added all releases of Adrenaline to choose from
  • restructured the menu because of all new options
  • you can now up/downgrade without rebooting (with same basegame)
  • the used basegame for Adrenaline will show up green in selection menu
  • added Advanced LiveArea Theming Option (app.db)
  • added view Adrenaline Update-History as option
  • added firmware check warning for future hacks
  • added check for valid 661.PBP file (if not it will be deleted)
  • added check for existing PBOOTs in basegames
  • added check for changeinfo.xml installation
  • typical CFW files & folders will now be created automatically
  • added option to display taiHEN config.txt
  • added option to reload taiHEN config.txt
  • adjusted Bubble Name and livearea
  • removed blocking of PSButton again
  • removed unnecessary files & code






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