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[Released] #Adrenaline v4 - #HENkaku - PS Vita

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#Adrenaline v4 - #HENkaku

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TheFlow has released three updates since the release of version 3, the most recent one being version 4, here are a list of the changes:





- Changelog v4 -
  - Added custom graphics filtering support for PS1 games.
  - Added screen mode adjustment for PS1 games. If you're using this feature on a PS Vita, select 'Original' screen mode in the
    offical settings, then apply the custom screen mode. On the other hand, if you want to the screen mode of the official settings,
    select 'Original' screen mode in Adrenaline settings. On a PS TV this will finally allow you to play your games in fullscreen.
  - Added screenshot support in PS1 games.
  - Added network update feature for future updates.
  - Fixed a bug in msfs driver that caused weird behaviour in XMB after resuming from standby.
  - Removed 'Official' graphics filtering in order to support the features mentioned above.
- Changelog v3.1 -
  - Added support for cwcheat in PS1 games.
  - Fixed sound problems after exiting a PS1 game.
  - Fixed 'Please wait...' bug in some games.
  - Fixed problem where mounting ur0: as USB device would cause problems in livearea.
- Changelog v3 fix -
  - Fixed bug where 'Cannot find application' would show up instead of returning to livearea.
  - Fixed bug where you couldn't access the Adrenaline Menu after enabling/disabling wifi.



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