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HOW To | Fix PS4 not taking discs.

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Similar to the last tutorial posted.... This tutorial will teach you how to fix one of the most common issues with the BD drive on the PS4 not injecting or ejecting discs... 


As usual, there is a video below for those who would like to watch and listen, and a write up underneath for those who cannot watch or simply do not want to. 




So this is for you people who don't know how to fix one of the most common issues when the ps4 will not inject/eject discs. so lets start


Firstly you need to get to the inside of the system. so turn PS4 upside down, and remove the 3 security screws at the back of the system, holding the bottom cover plate on. (for fat ps4


Once removed, it should be easy to remove the cover by lifting back up first and then pull it off the front


After this there are many screws on the boarder of the chassy, remove all security screws you see on the chassy, then there are 2 philips head screws at the back in the power supple, remove them too. 


Gently pull out power supply by lifting the right oriented side if you have the back of the ps4 facing you, then lift it gently up while left side may come loose a bit, then put the right side down and lift the left until it comes off prongs, be careful not to break the cable coming out of the power suply, you can easily just remove this during the replacement of the drive


Next you want to make sure there are no more screws holding the bluray drive in place, there is 1 normal philips head screw at the top which holds it in place, (top being front) just remove that one and then remove the ribbon cable and power cable which are connecting to the drive from the mainboard. the drive should now come out with a bit of encouragement. 


Now turn the drive upside down so you can see the mecchanism which injhects and ejects the discs... what you have to do is remove the 3 screws holding it onto the bottom of the drive, and then there is a tab in place where there is no screw present where you need to gently lift the back plate off and pull it out of there...


Inside the drive you will see 2 blue rollers next to there the disc goes in, there should be a white piece in the middle of them joining together. If there is not then you will have to look around the drive as it has most likely fallen out. Once found you must lodge it back in between the two rollers (be patient, this may take some time on first try)


Once done just reverse the disassembly process and give it a try.


WARNING! This may not fix all issues especially if your daughterboard is damaged. if you would like any help to see if it might help please post image of your daughterboard and what is going wrong with the ps4 in comments down bellow and i will make a judgement on it and tell you what i think you should do. i am also not responsible if you purchase a replacement drive and it does not work for whatever reason. i will help you diagnose the issue but if you do not take necessary precautions to make sure you need a new drive it is your fault. also be careful of sellers on ebay, some might not be very good.


Good luck guys :)

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