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Adrenaline-2 CFW and updated EasyInstaller

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In celebration of 10 years M33 (Custom Firmware for PSP) developer, TheFl0w has released Adrenaline-2 for PS Vita. Adrenaline is software that adapts the official PSP emulator using the TaiHEN Framework. Because of TaiHEN the Vita can execute custom and unsigned code when booting.





Adrenaline gives you all the features an orginal PSP with Custom Firmware has:

  • ISO/CSO support
  • Homebrew support
  • Plugins support
  • VSHMenu
  • Recovery Menu
  • XMB
  • ...




You can install Adrenaline-2 manually by following the instructions on this GitHub. or you can use @Freakler Easy Installer which is updated to support Adrenaline-2.







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