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Vote For Your Favourite #GekiHEN Homebrew - #HENkaku - Fixed v2

What Is Your favourite GekiHEN Homebrew?   

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  1. 1. Games

    • Bernard Chronicles (Tetris Attack) By Flappy Jesus
    • Pong By NamelessGhoul0
    • Starkiller2D By Freakler
    • Happy Land By MyLegGuy
    • Starfield Vita By gnmmarechal
    • Zsokoban By gdjjrod
    • Project Void By Akabane87
    • Galactic Federation By The Suicidal Robot
  2. 2. Emulators - Ports

    • pfba By cpasjuste
    • uae4all By cpasjuste
    • vOpenTyrian By cpasjuste
    • Prince of Persia By cpasjuste
    • Another World Vita By Enrique Somolinos Pérez
    • HOTA By usineur
    • Minicraft By Rinnegatamante
    • Bermuda-Vita By usineur
    • ZeldaROTH By usineur
    • BlockOut II 2.5 By bomblik
    • GNU Robbo By bomblik
    • OpenSyobon Vita By Rinnegatamante
  3. 3. Utilities

    • luaIRC By Rinnegatamante
    • Vita Calculator By Flappy Jesus
    • psp2shell By cpasjuste
    • Custom Themes Manager By Red Squirrel
    • Game Shrinker By Dakor
    • rinCheat SE By Rinnegatamante
    • ONElua Vita By Team ONElua
    • SystemCheckEnabled By Draqen
    • ONEtranslate By Team ONElua
    • ePSP Bubble Installer By CelesteBlue
    • Theme Manager EX By Kylon
    • ARK Fast for 3.60 By Team ONElua
    • Bookr mod Vita By pathway27
    • VITAforecast By Joel16
    • Appdb Tool By luckys
    • Notepad++ (VE) By Arkanite
    • Vita Homebrew Browser By Devnoname120
  4. 4. Plugins

    • rinCheat By Rinnegatamante
    • TrackPlug By Rinnegatamante

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First of all i give you the humblest of apologises for this major fuck up and for the second time, in my haste to start the poll i have made a few mistake, i could make excuses and say its all down to the fact that i am moving home and trying to get things fixed and packed away, whilst doing several other things, but i will not use that get out of jail free card, i fucked up not once, but twice and there is no excuse for that and there is no excuse for that lack of professionalism with such an important competition where money and integrity is on the line.


So again i apologise from the deepest part of my heart and i can understand if any of you are pissed off or angry, if you want to vent and say something about me or the competition, feel free to do so below without any consequences or actions from anyone on the forum.


So back to the competition and the polls for voting, here is the original post from the first two failed polls, followed by additional information:


The awesome GekiHEN competition is over and whilst it didn't have a huge amount of entries, it did have plenty of quality entries.




So now has come the time to vote for which Homebrew you thought was the best, which was your favourite, you can either pick a single one or pick one from each category, the choice is completely yours, i will not state which was my favourite or favourites as i would not like to sway your decision, but i will say that each and every entry was great, thank you to all the developers who participated.


To refresh your memory as to what was entered, check the list created by @ConsoleHax below:












Additional Information:(Via STLcardsWS)




Emulators & Ports are a single category:

Judges and prizes

Everyone will be able to vote for their favorite entry in each of the following categories:

  • Best game (reward: 200 $ / 180 € / 20 000 ¥)
  • Best utility/hack (reward: 250 $ / 225 € / 25 000 ¥)
  • Best emulator/port (reward: 200 $ / 180 € / 20 000 ¥)
  • Best plugin (reward: 200 $ / 180 € / 20 000 ¥)


The fact i did not include Emulator and Ports in the one poll is the reason that we need to redo the poll.


Finally each of the sponsor websites hold a poll and each of those sites count as 20% of the vote, so in addition to voting here, you will also have to vote at Wololo, PSX-Place and CustomProtocol, then each of the sponsors vote, to be 100% clear, this poll will not determine the winner, once everyone has voted here and on the other three sites, the votes will be combined, then each of the sponsors add their vote to determine the winner, though i think we can say without a doubt that Rinnegatamante is a winner in the plugin section regardless of the vote, you can check this post for more information:




If you have forgotten who you voted for in the last poll, it is here:

There were 33 voters in that poll and they are:













@Baltazar Regalado























Again, i am truly sorry for this screw up, it won't happen again.



You can vote at the other sites by visiting the links below:





  1. Homebrew Games
  2. Emulators & Ports
  3. Utilities & Hacks
  4. Plugins









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Updated all the sites where you can vote :)

added 0 minutes later
15 hours ago, STLcardsWS said:

@GregoryRasputin An entry seems to be missing


  Reveal hidden contents


I almost cried when i first seen that.

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Maybe this thread isn't the time to say this, but it seems as this contest was a success. Who knows how many of these people would of made this stuff otherwise.

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21 hours ago, thezander said:

Maybe this thread isn't the time to say this, but it seems as this contest was a success. Who knows how many of these people would of made this stuff otherwise.

Yes but anyway, stuff is not ended...

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So many downloads and usefull applications with large userbases GekiHEN offered us. Yet, "no" one seems to take time to vote for the devs who put time and effort in to it. The only website that had votes worth to mention was wololo.net.


I think that's very sad.

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I'm pretty surprised that Starfield Vita got anyone at all to vote for it. I barely had the time to make it, and it is far from what I wanted to make. Welp, I'll probably eventually continue to work on it, I don't have that much time.

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