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ConsoleHax App by ICanHazMuffin47

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Developer @iCanHazMuffin47 who created the Wololo Vita App, has now created a ConsoleHax App for our Dutch Scene Website.



What does the app do?
It's a simple application that opens the Vita webbrowser on our homepage. Only Dutch people will understand what is written on our website, sorry.


How to install?


[You'll have to have an HENkaku enabled PS Vita.]


Method 1: Open Vita HomeBrew Browser on your Vita, and search for ConsoleHax App. Click Download, and wait.


Method 2: Visit the VitaDB from Rinnegatamante and search for ConsoleHax App. Download the .vpk tranfer it to your Vita using molecularShell or VitaShell and install.





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