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Designer Acemad wins the VitaShell Theme competition.

A lot of designers (and fans) have submitted a personal VitaShell Theme for the official VitaShell Theme competition hosted by TheFloW.  

With the release of VitaShell 1.60, the developer announced that @Nzaki0716 has chosen Electron by @Acemad_ as the winner theme. Not only did Acemad make Electron, he also made a bunch of other themes, which you can download in his online vault: http://acemad.ga/



Electron wasn't the only submission and there where multiple great themes, but it's a deserved winner! Electron also becomes a part of VitaShell, as it will be implemented in every future version.


How to set Electron as your main VitaShell Theme:

  • Download and install VitaShell 1.60 (+)
  • Start VitaShell and press Start (Option) button
  • Under Main Settings, select Theme by pressing X
  • Keep pressing X until Electron shows up.
  • Restart VitaShell





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