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Installing Haxchi, CBHC, and HBL to the system menu

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I have been wanting to start covering wii u tutorials for a while. I have been waiting on a new gamepad motherboard and it finally arrived. It only took 2 damn months (thanks China)


This tutorial covers installing a wii u CFW to your system nand, having it autoboot, as well as installing the hombrew launcher to your system menu (so you no longer have to use the web exploit)


There are other methods such as rednand and mocha, but this is the easiest method. Mocha has its purpose, but for the average end user this method is good enough


1:) A wii u on System software version 5.5.1  (this is the current version and I doubt we will
see anymore updates to the system from Nintendo since the switch is out and the wii u is dead

2.) SD Card (I recommend at least a 16 gig SD card)

3.) A LEGIT (NOT PIRATED) DS Virtual console game from the eshop. It will be used as a sacrifice
Cheapest one I found on the US eshop was Brain Age. I am told it is free for people that had their account
before June of 2014 but I cannot confirm this. Any legitimate DS game will do but you will not be able to


As usual I put together a starter pack for you of the things you will: 


Now this tutorial is in video format. It is not hard to do but a rough written copy is included under this video




1.)Buy and download a DS virtual console game (NO YOU CAN'T JUST PIRATE ONE YOU CHEAP BASTARDS) Buy a game you have no interest in playing, because you will not be able to play it. Do not try to download and install

a pirated copy of this game after you use it for the CFW install as you will overwrite your original and brick


2.)Create a new folder, name it "Hax" (or whatever really), and move your virtual console game into that folder. This game will be a sacrifice to the wii u modding gods


3.) (OPTIONAL) Go into connection settings and set your DNS to This will block any future updates, but also blocks the eshop. In my video I didn't bother because I doubt we will ever see another update for it from Nintendo


4.) Download my starter pack linked above.


5.) Extract the starter pack using an archive manager, move the contents to the root of your SD card, reinsert the SD card into the wii u


6.) got to loadiine.ovh, highlight hombrew launcher, and press select (you should now boot into the homebrew launcher. If it hangs power down your wii u, and try this step again


7.) From the homebrew launch choose haxchi and follow the instructions. Once successfully installed you should be returned to the home menu


8.) From the home menu click the newly created haxchi install. It will be located where you placed your original DS game. This will take you back to the homebrew launcher.


9.) Once in HBL, you want to choose CBHC installer. Follow the on screen instructions


10.) Once installed power down your system.


11.) Power it back on and you will now see the new CHBC menu. Go down to autoboot, and press a to change it from disabled to System menu. Once that is done go back and choose boot system menu.


12.) You will now be at the system menu with autoboot enabled.


13.) You want to run the web exploit one more time to get back to the homebrew launcher. Go to loadiine.ovh, select homebrew launcher, and press select.


14.) From here you want to load WUP installer


15.) From inside WUPinstaller you should see it says install/HBL. You want to press right so that there is a star beside it. Once there is a star you want to press a to install. Just follow the on screen instructions


16.) You should now have HBL as an item on your system menu. Enjoy your signature patched, region patched Wii U CFW with no need to use the web exploit again.


There is some other information. DO NOT EVER DELETE THAT DS GAME EVER!!!! DO NOT DELETE THE ACCOUNT YOU USED TO BUY THAT GAME!!! Your machine will be bricked if you do. There is a way to revert to stock so you can safely delete it.


Information on CHBC: https://gbatemp.net/threads/cbhc-v1-6-coldboot-haxchi-cfw.452615/



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Don't start shit, there won't be shit

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Very nice! Will translate this one for our Dutch site.



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