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[Tutorial] How to mount crypt partitions

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First, as always, the credits(included in README):

nmount ps4 payload
developed by wildcard

Thanks to Zer0xFF(@Zer0xFF) for ps4sdk.mk linker flags,
and BigBoss(@psxdev) for directory printing from ps4link!

In order to compile for nmount you need to add 2 flags to /ps4sdk/make/ps4sdk.mk

Replace this line:
LinkerFlags = -O3 -Wall -m64 $(LibraryPath) $(Debug)

With this line:
LinkerFlags = -O3 -Wall -m64 $(LibraryPath) $(Debug) -lPs4SystemCall_stub -lPs4SystemCallAdaptive_stub


Now, for the tutorial!

-> PS4 in 1.76

-> Hitodama's PS4SDK
-> nmount payload

-> elf loader or extreme-modding's elf loader
-> the table (included in payload):

Partition mounting table

    Partition    |   Directory    |  fstype   |  mount flag

    md0              /               msdosfs?    MNT_UPDATE
    da0x0.crypt      /preinst        msdosfs     MNT_UPDATE     
    da0x1.crypt      /preinst2       msdosfs     MNT_UPDATE     
    da0x2.crypt      ????????             
    da0x3.crypt      /eap_vsh        msdosfs     MNT_FORCE     
    da0x4.crypt      /system         msdosfs     MNT_UPDATE     
    da0x4b.crypt     ???????             
    da0x5.crypt      /system_ex      msdosfs     MNT_UPDATE     
    da0x5b.crypt     some exfat?     exfat?         
    da0x6.crypt      ??????             
    da0x6x0.crypt    ??????             
    da0x6x1.crypt    SCE EVENT             
    da0x6x2.crypt    SCE EVENT             
    da0x8.crypt      ??????             
    da0x9.crypt      /system_data    msdosfs     MNT_FORCE     
    da0x12.crypt     /update         msdosfs     MNT_UPDATE     
    da0x13.crypt     /user           ufs         MNT_FORCE     
    da0x14.crypt     /eap_user       msdosfs     MNT_FORCE     
    da0x15.crypt     ????       
    /user/data       /data           nullfs      MNT_FORCE

-> Information about the mount fs type(also included in source)


0. Specify your options in the payload source. fstype is the type of fs you wish your partition to have. some are not valid and will return an error. check table for more information. fspath is the path where you want to mount your partition. finally, from is the location of your crypt partition.
1. Compile the payload. Make sure the flags on your ps4sdk are properly set! (check readme or this post for more information).
2. Load elf loader.
3. Let it stabilize on stage 5.
4. Start the listener and run the payload:

socat - TCP:my.ps4.ip:5052
socat -u FILE:path/to/nmount TCP:my.ps4.ip:5053

Where my.ps4.ip is your local ps4 ip and path/to/nmount is the absolute or relative path to mounting payload
5. You should have your crypt partition mounted.

PS: This does exactly the same thing as tomtomdu's partition remounter! Be very careful when using this payload! you may softbrick or even brick your device!

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