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[Released] ONEtranslate - PS Vita

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ONEluaTeam have released quite a useful application for the PS Vita/PSTV, it will mostly benefit those of you who own a 3G PS Vita and are going somewhere foreign on holiday and at the same time is just as useful for helping you learn a foreign language sitting at home, here is some information regarding the application 






ONEtranslate, is an application written in "ONElua" and supported by the well-known "Google translate" service to translate texts directly into the console, through a simple and friendly interface ...


Allows the translation of 11 languages in total:
  - "English", "Spanish", "Japanese", "German", "French", "Italian", "Dutch", "Portuguese", "Russian", "Korean", "Chinese".


It also allows automatic mode for the entrance, and thus detect the language that you are entering.


- Left & Right Trigger: Switch between the output and input language selector.

- Left & Right D-Pad: Switch between the available languages in the selectors.

- Cross: Enter the keyboard and translate the entered text.




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