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[Released] Ark Fast For 3.60 - PS Vita

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  • GregoryRasputin

Ark Fast For 3.60

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The ONEluaTeam have released a simple method for installing Ark on your HENkaku enabled PS Vita/PSTV, here is some information:






This simple app, created by ONELua Team, gives you the opportunity to install ARK-2 on a previously installed PSP game in a really fast
and easy way using henkaku.


This homebrew packs a special extra, since the probabilities of many users having the international shooker (NPEZ00104) mini already installed
on their PSVitas to have Adrenaline, ARK fast will get that game cloned for you, yes, a cloned bubble so you can use it to install ARK-2


Just in case you have no PSP games installed, the game International shooker (NPEZ00104) is included with the option to install it,
thanks to Celesteblue for the required files.




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