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[Vita] [3.63] Hidden Applications

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Idumpvitastuff on reddit released Hidden Applications for Vita 3.63, This enables sign Up for PSN, which lets you do account switching and it also enables the package installer

Heres a Tutorial for the Developer

0. Download ★Hidden Applicatons (CreateBackup.zip)
1. Download VitaIMGTools for your OS
2. Obtain your CMA Key. Just enter your AID (the random letters and numbers where your CMA backups are stored.) and it will give you the key
3. put the PSVIMGTools in the same folder you extracted CreateBackup.zip
4. Run the BuildScript for your OS. either the win32 one of osx/linux depending on what you have
5. Paste/Enter your CMA Key and press enter
6. Copy the “HIDENAPPS” folder into your CMA Backups/APP Folder
7 Refresh CMA Database, and restore backup to your vita


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