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John Wick 2

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Is there anyone looking forward to this movie? I am interested in it somewhat. Not enough that I am dying to see it in theaters but the first one was entertaining. If you've seen the movie 'Taken' with Liam Neelson it's as if this movie took the action sequences out of that movie ampped them up, and removed any frivolous story. It's the kind of movie you can turn your brain off, let your jaw relax and watch. Whereas in 'Taken' you get subtle hints of the guys background and first hand see his skills. This movie makes it's main character (John Wick) hyped up the entire time, it's a goofy movie but watchable. 




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I saw John Wick 1 just last week, it was a coincidence, I did not know the existence of this film, I liked it a lot, as soon as possible, therefore, I will watch the second film but in all cases I not love do the queue to the cinema.

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I think exactly the same about the film as thezander.


I liked the first one (but not that much as I must see the second one as soon as it opens in theaters) so I'll definetly watch also the second one :)





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