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Homebrew Is Totally Possible On The Xbox One

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This is quite similar to my 'Homebrew Is Totally Possible On The PS4' thread, it basically covers the same thing and gets the message out that Homebrew via Blu Ray Java is 100% possible on the Xbox one without any modifications and what sets this above the PS3 and PS4, is that you can run the Homebrew from DVD disc's as opposed to Blu Rays, so far cheaper that it would be on a non hacked PS3 or on a PS4.







Some facts:

Here are some facts:

  • This is NOT a hack.
  • This is NOT anything major and will not lead to anything major.
  • This will NOT let you run Xbox One “backups”.
  • This will NOT give you any access to the Xbox One’s OS system files.
  • This is NOT illegal.
  • This does NOT void your warranty.
  • This will NOT let you run PC games on your Xbox One.
  • This will ONLY let you run Java software.


  • This WILL give you Homebrew.
  • This IS totally doable.



Here is one such Homebrew from @mr_lou running on the PS3:


I have ran the same game on the Xbox One using only a DVD disc and it works great, not only is it a fun little game, it also shows the potential of running Homebrew on the Xbox One without having to hack it.


More info here and here

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