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External HDD Support For Games Finally Coming To PS4

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The Beta for PS4 firmware 4.50 has been released today and this isn't one of those crappy stability firmware's, this one actually add's something useful, such as the ability to run games from an external HDD, something the Xbox One has done for a long time and hacked PS3's have been doing since 2008, there is absolutely no reason that this couldn't have been a release feature.




Here are all the known features of this firmware code-named Sasuke:


External HDD Support

Insert a USB 3.0 HDD up to a maximum of 8TB to store all your games.


Custom Wallpapers

This gives users the ability to use their own in-game screenshots as a wallpaper for their homescreen.


Quick Menu Refresh

The last major update gave us the Quick Menu, this update improves on it by making it more accessible and taking up less of your screen.


Simplified Notification List

All the notifications have been squeezed into the one list.


Post on PlayStation Network Activity Feeds

Some silly ability to post directly to your activity feed.


3D Blu-rays on PlayStation VR

You can view 3D Blu Rays via PSVR.




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Dont forget the WiiU has also supported external HDD's for a long time :tw_smirk: And hacked Wii's as well ofc...

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