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PS4 Pup Decrypt and Unpacker

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PS4 Developer @idc released scripts that invoke the PS4 kernel to decrypt the contents of an update file and pup unpacker scripts 

PuP Decryption





A utility to invoke the PS4 kernel to decrypt the contents of an update file.
The default (hardcoded) operation is to decrypt /mnt/usb0/PS4UPDATE.PUP.
This will output a number of files (depending if a normal or a recovery update):


These decrypted updates can then be further unpacked using a tool capable of doing so.

The PS4 will refuse to decrypt updates in some cases:
Versions older than the installed version (for the most part, there's exceptions for things like beta versions).
Versions for a different product code (retail cannot decrypt test or debug updates).


PuP Unpacker 



A utility to unpack PS4 update blobs that have been previously decrypted using pup_decrypt.

Note This utility will not unpack the contents of nested filesystems. The filesystem images in updates are FAT32, exFAT, etc images and can be mounted or unpacked with other tools.


Download Pup_Decrypt

Download Pup_Unpack



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This is amazing, we are seriously close to CFW and the only thing in the way is re-encrypting it. I'm not exactly a professional at all with this type of stuff in any way but how far could we be cause wouldn't it be essentially finding out the encryption and reversing the decryption based on the output of the decrypted pup file? 

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