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[Released] libgxm - 3D Graphics Api For PS Vita By @xerpi - PS Vita

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libgxm - 3D Graphics Api For PS Vita By @xerpi

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The multi-talented developer @xerpi has released an api that will help in the creation of 3D games on the PS Vita, here is a quote from the source:





So after finishing this semester's finals, I've got some free time, which I've decided to dedicate to toy around with the Vita's 3D graphics API (aka GXM). I've noticed that there aren't many 3D homebrews (other than yifanlu's cube), and on the other side, there are very few vita hobbyist developers. I think the main reason for that is that GXM is very complex. The API is much more lower level (in the sense of bare-metalness) than OpenGL, similar to Vulkan in some ways.



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