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Free Watch Dogs 2 Glitch on PSN

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a person by the name
@goku76 on NGU shared a Watch dogs 2 Download Glitch on PSN

Here are the instructions Disadvantages, And Features



You will NOT be able to use online after the first 3 hours have expired as this glitch will not work. You will also NOT be able to turn off your ps4. Reset mode is fine (As it suspends the applications and resumes them upon next startup).


1. Download the trial from the PlayStation Store
2. Play for up to however long you want
3. When it says you have 30 mins remaining close the application
4. Go over to the settings and uncheck your Internet option so it has no way of connecting to the Internet
5. Go to the date/time option, uncheck the Internet time selection and change the time to 1 hour back
6. Restart your PS4
7. Start Watch Dogs 2
8. Play until it asks you to purchase the full game
9. Press "X" for BUY NOW and your game should continue from where you left off


Watch dogs 2 full game


No Internet connectivity
No multiplayer
No online features
Unable to completely turn off your PS4 which if you do will cause the game to shutdown and ask to be purchased upon next startupYou also can't exit to the main menu, otherwise it will ask you to purchase


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ConsoleHax    132

Would be very strange if this kind of glitch works, and if it works, you'll never be able to access online gaming (not just in WatchDogs2), since this will be solved in future title/software updates.

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