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[Tutorial] How to resign trophies from retail to debug

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So, for this tutorial, none of this would've been possible without the help of harlequin and Charles. all of the credits go to them, thanks guys 




You will need:
* A PS4 on 1.76 firmware with ftp capabilities
* the ps4 trophy keys   (if it's inconvenient to the mods, please remove this link immediately)
* Trophy Resigner
* The TITLE ID of the game whose trophies you want to resign
* An Hexeditor
* Command line Knowledge

Here are the steps:
1- Extract the contents of the trophy keys zipfile into your %USERPROFILE% folder (in my case it's C:\Users\zecoxao). You will have it as C:\Users\zecoxao\ps4keys\<keys_here>
2- Navigate to:


And find the TITLE ID of the game which you want to resign the trophy file
3- Copy the CUSA title id folder to a safe place.
4- Open npbind.dat inside with Hexeditor:

here we can see that game CUSA00434 has correspondant trophy file NPWR05974
5- Now that you know correspondant id, navigate to:


and find folder with that id and place it somewhere safe on your pc. you know have two things: your np communications id and your trophy file
Open a command line and type the appropriate command with trp_resigner.exe:

trp_resigner.exe NPWR05974_00/TROPHY.TRP NPWR05974_00 trophy00.trp

Following the example above.
7. Congratulations! You now have a resigned debug trophy :)

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