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How To | Use Downloaded Save Files on EZ Flash 3 in 1

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Hi guys


Here's a tutorial on how to use downloaded save files with your ezflash 3 in 1. check the video below to see how its done or the written tutorial below the video here. Enjoy :)




Written Tut:


Step 1: Download a save file for game of choice from website of choice. 

Step 2: Make sure you have a clean rom file. (how you obtain this i cannot help you with. i would recomend ripping your own gba cart)

Step 3: Download the gba Exploader app from here

Step 4: Download the EZ IV client from here or here

Step 5: Download the visual boy emulator from here

Step 6: Open Ez client and click open to navigate to your gba rom. Copy the name of the rom before you click open and then click open

Step 7: Paste the name of the rom into the "rom name" text box in top left. 

Step 8: Change save size to 64K bites.

Step 9: Make sure "add save patch" box is ticked and then click config and the button with the 3 dots to choose a destination to output

Step 10: Click "ok" then click "send"... wait for it to send/save to destination you will have a message when complete.

Step 11: Put rom onto sd card that is in flash cart running the ezflash 3 in 1

Step 12: Open the patched rom with visualboy advance. (if it does not work use the clean rom you ripped/obtained)

Step 13: When visual boy starts loading it go into file and then import battery file. 

Step 14: Select your downloaded battery file, then open game and make a few movements. Click save and wait for it to save. 

Step 15: Once saved open file menu again and click export then battery file. make sure it has the same name as the rom file with extension .sv1 (or anything between .sv1 to .sv5) then copy to "GBA_SAVE" on flash card. 

Step 16: Safely eject sd card and place back into flash card and into ds

Step 17: Open gba exploader

Step 18: Navigate to the patched game file we downloaded and either open in ram or nor. make sure you upload the save file with the same number we named it to on the computer. 

Step 19: Once game is open it should have the save file. it may say it was corrupted but it will still work

Step 20: Open the game with that file and make some more edits and make sure to save before you quit. 

Step 21: It should now be saved forever.

Step 22: Profit? 


Hope you guys enjoy and get use out of this. Peace :LiebSmilie-Headbanger-mit-Gitar

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