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Fix94 at gbatemp made a elf file that takes you directly to the Hombrew Channel on the vWii side. You can get the latest here:  https://github.com/FIX94/hbl2hbc/releases


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So this is just something I've made while playing around with things for CBHC which were not successful but I thought some people may find this handy so I just made it into its own elf.
If you have the homebrew channel installed on your vwii and you want to quickly boot into it from the wiiu side, this elf will allow you to directly boot into it via the homebrew launcher.
If you want to launch other title ids you can do so by adding them into the hbl2hbc config file.


Source: https://gbatemp.net/threads/hbl2hbc-v1-1-boot-from-wiiu-hbl-into-vwii-hbc.455673/


Then brenj at the same forum made the elf into its own channel. You'll need a CFW or something that has patches for that kind of thing. 


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HBL2HBC Forwarder Channel by brienj

Put the "WiiU 2 HBC" folder from the archive into the install folder of your SD card. Install the app with the latest wup installer. Requires sig patching of some kind.
The forwarder loads hbl2hbc.elf located at sd:/wiiu/apps/hbl2hbc/hbl2hbc.elf

After install, select the "WiiU 2 HBC" icon on the system menu with your SD card with the hbl2hbc.elf inserted.


Source https://gbatemp.net/threads/release-wiiu2hbc-a-hbl2hbc-forwarder-channel.455991/


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