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.@DroidXAce Reveals Nintendo Switch Hori Accessories - Fake Or Real

Fake Or Real  

3 members have voted

  1. 1. Are The Images Fake Or Real

    • Fake - Everything Is Fake Until Proven Otherwise
    • Real - Of Course They Are Real, Who Would Fake This Shit, Plus Switch Has Been Full Of Legit Leaks
    • Not Sure - I Don't want To be Wrong, So Ill Sit On The Fence

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We have all been down this road numerous times, every time a games console is due for its debut a ton of fake articles come out, i am not saying that is what French Twitter user DroidXAce has done and they do look genuine, on top of that they are for a third party device maker so who would go to all that trouble making a fake for that ?, also all the images have 'concept images' watermarked onto them.


Anyhow i will add a forum poll asking you your opinion, here are some of the images:









You can see more images on DroidXAce's Twitter Account here

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Probably true, but might just as well be fake. But its not like its some super-revolutionary accessories, its just your usual bunch, charging stands, car adapter, gamepad etc..

But even if its fake now, those things will become real eventually since they are so... generic....

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that HORI pad w/e the hell that means looks kind of weird. It looks like a cross between that Steam controller and a 3DS, maybe because it's an aerial view hopefully those aren't slider joysticks. It's cool that there is an arcade pad I wonder what bobbyblunt thinks about it that's kind of his wheel house. A lot of people take apart controllers and map it themselves right? The car charger... who cares.


However to the point that they may be bogus, has Nintendo ever officially sold a skin before? I can't remember any off the top of my head they are more into the special edition console things not really custom skins. Based on that I can see why one would be skeptical. Because why the hell would they not have a special edition launch console. Or sell stickers at the same time? 



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The car charger does make sense though, remember that the switch is a hybrid - both handheld and stationary. So bringing it along on long car trips isnt really far fetched.


Also, yes, N* have sold skins, sort of. The back panels for the N3DS ;) 

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Did they do it on launch though? I figured accessories like that are like a last ditch effort to squeeze some cash from a console going out. I didn't really consider the 3DS because it has protective gear. But have they ever done skins for a console?

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