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How to RTE/RTM


Hi Guys.


Since my DBZ Budokai 3 Save on my PS3 is not as good as the one I had one my PS2, it wasn't very much fun playing it the last time.


I need some cheats for maximum/infinite Zenie in the Shop. (Cheating with gamegenie doesn't really solve that issue)


I tried 2 cheat.pkgs which didn't work for me and also tried CCAPI but I still xouldn't get it working.

I found the "Dragon Ball Z Budokai 3 V01.00 Tool CEX/DEX (EUR) by Tekman" but it's offline.


The codes I found for CCAPI:





Infinite/Max Zenies in Shop:
OFF: 0x00138368 80C40070
OFF: 0x0013837C 90DC0098
ON : 0x00138368 3DE000F0
ON : 0x0013837C 91FC0098

Infinite/Max Zenies on Gain:
OFF: 0x00149EF0 609E0000
OFF: 0x00149F04 7FC3212E
ON : 0x00149EF0 3DE000F0
ON : 0x00149F04 7DE3212E

Quick Level Up:
OFF: 0x001E59E4 90661200
ON : 0x001E59E4 91A61200


But I couldn't get the green marked ones working. With the Console Manager you can just modify 1 offset on the fly but no matter what I did, I couldn't get it working.
Hope someone can help me =)
I have a CECHC04, with Rebug 4.81 and CCAPI 2.70R5 installed.
Edit: I don't know why but with PS3Manager API Demo Tools it works!
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