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My Modded R-Jtag Falcon V2 Xbox 360 (All work done by myself)


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I know this is more of a playstation forum. But since there is a Xbox section with no posts. I thought I would be the First and also this is where most of my experience is is with the xbox 360. Since I have done about 30 JTAG/RGH1,2/R-Jtag installs and also about 50 DVD drive flashes for slim and phat xbox 360's.

My Modded xbox specs/add ons are as Follows

Motherboard- Falcon V2

Case- Original Off white Painted Semi Gloss Black with Solid White accents (Memory Card Door's, USB slot's Door, And Power Button.)

DVD Drive- DG-16D2S Lite-on Flashed with LT+ 3.0 CFW + Case Painted Solid White

Case Mods- Side window + 120mm Fan With speed control knob, And Air Tube painted Solid White, And Back Fan vents cut out both the plastic outer caseing and inner metal cage.

Lighting- BitFenix Alchemy TriBright Blue LED Strip

Mod/Glitch chip Kit- R-Jtag v1.1 with Phat V3 QSB kit

Sorry No pics But i do have a short You Tube video. The lighting shows up as a kinda purple color but it is actully a Nice darker Blue.

And if any of your are interested a quick video of my soldering.

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Great job, nicely done.

NOR Downgrader

20xx all day long

PSP 1001 5.00 m33

2x PS2

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thats a cool mod. you did a great job

Don't ming my English skilzzz

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Im too old for "neon" and bling-bling lights on PCs/etc, but I can still tell a good job from a bad job, and yours belong in the good-category :)

Reminds me a bit of my original xbox :P


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Well its not Neon its a darker blue but i know what you mean. Thats one of the reasons why i did a more plain simple paint job. To keep the bling bling flashyness down just with a little lighting other then that its all more plain.

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