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How to | Install ntr CFW on latest firmware (NTR Selector)

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Hi guys thought it had been a while since i posted a tut so here it is


Essentially this video will tell you how to get NTR working on the latest firmware for 3DS as the original does not seem to be getting anymore love or support anymore. 


So this is basically a fork of the NTR CFW but this fork is not only more refined, it also allows you to select which version of NTR you want to boot into and boots in legit a tenth of the time the original booted when it was working. tool it called NTR Selector. can be found in links down below. Please see video for guide on how to install, or if you can't watch youtube where you are there will be a quick written tutorial at the bottom



Thanks for watching guys. hope you enjoy the video and the final product of this mod/CFW



- GBA Temp Thread

- GitHub


Written tut:

Step 1: make sure 3DS is on CFW

Step 2: make sure you have FBI Installed or a CIA installer of choice. this tut will use FBI

Step 3a: open this site to scan QR code for download, OR

Step 3b: alternatively open this link for a download of the latest cia file so you can copy to sd card

Step 4: if you are going to use the QR code to scan and download direct to ds with FBI please skip to step <8>

Step 5: if you are manually downloading then make sure you copy the cia to your sd card

Step 6: put sd card in 3ds and open cia installer.

Step 7: Navigate to where you placed the cia file and install with cia installer

Step 8: (skip if you manually installed) Scan the QR code to download the file and install it directly to 3ds

Step 9: go to home menu and open up the newly installed software

Step 10: wait for it to run through its updates and download and setup its environment.

Step 11: choose your cfw you would like to use

Step 12: Profit? :LiebSmilie-Headbanger-mit-Gitar


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