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[Tutorial] Hack Your Wii U Easily

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GregoryRasputin    4,803

The Wii U has been out for just over four years and whilst it does have a few awesome games and some cool hardware, it hasn't really done well for itself, this perhaps could be blamed totally on Nintendo, for example the Wii U still remains more expensive than the younger more advanced PS4, combine that with the companies lack of third party titles and we have a disaster.




Anyhow if you own a Wii U and have been upset with its lack of games, you can fix that by hacking it to enable Homebrew and play all your favourite Emulators, something that used to be quite difficult is now extremely easy, below is a super easy guide taken from GBATemp:



-A WiiU connected to internet
-An SD Card (any sd card is fine)



1. Plug an SD into your WiiU
2. Visit http://wiiubru.com/go on your Wii U and press continue; this will load the Homebrew Appstore (loading times may vary in base of you internet connection; if it takes more than 2 minutes your WiiU is probably crashed, so reboot it and try again)
3. Download the Homebrew Launcher and the apps you wish to have (remember to thank @vgmoose for Homebrew Appstore)
4. Done! You can now launch the Homebrew Launcher (with the SD Card plugged in) by visiting http://wiiubru.com/x (or http://loadiine.ovh choosing Homebrew Launcher 1.3 package) on your WiiU's browser every time you want to use homebrews 




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Lucif3r    2,438

There are 4 issues with the WiiU, 2 of them is connected...

First, the name... WiiU, seriously, no one knew wtf it was, most assumed it was some accessory for the Wii = fail. They also failed to inform game companies of this new console, pretty much just said "heres a new console, its released next week, make games for it now", to which they responded "lol, fuck you".

Second, overly complicated SDK and a pain in the ass to code for = fail

Third, no 3rd-party support, which is directly connected to the second issue. Porting games is simply too much of a pita and costs way too much.

Forth, completely insane "fuck you" policy for indie devs, making them chose the PS4 or Xbone without a second thought. = epic fail


IF the NX.. sorry, "switch"... have a good SDK and is as easy to work with as they claim, and if they fix their stupid indie policy to be more realistic and open, the switch have great potential to become a comeback for Nintendo. Thrid-party devs will want to port their games over, because it will be so easy, easier than PS4 -> PC(if what they say is true) meaning barely any extra costs for the companies and only more profit. Indie devs will also want to make games for it(IF, they fix their shitty policy), especially since its a hybrid console/handheld which opens up a much bigger variety of possible games, as well as different audiences(some might prefer to use it as a pure home console, while others might prefer to use it as a pure handheld).



uhm, mightve strayed a bit offtopic here... :D 

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BobbyBlunt    827

Since i am pretty much done with the vita stuff on youtube I was thinking about doing wii u stuff next. I think a lot of people have forgotten that both wii u and vwii are exploitable now

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