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PS4 Slims Lowered In Price In Time For Christmas


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  • GregoryRasputin

During Black Friday and Cyber Monday PS4 Slims drastically lowered their prices, with Cyber Monday having the best deal with a slim and a game going for about £180, none are that price now but they aren't that much more expensive, the console on it's own goes for between £228 and £260, bundled it is a much better price, below are some deals i hope will help anyone looking for a bargain, saying that the prices may become even lower on the finals few days coming up to Christmas:







500GB Slim Uncharted Bundle - £219.99



500GB Slim - Fifa 17 - Fallout 4 - Now TV 2 Month Sky Cinema Pass - £239.99

500GB Slim - GTA V - Star Wars: Battlefront - £239.99

500GB Slim - Overwatch - Ratchet & Clank - £229.99

500GB Slim Uncharted Bundle - Fallout 4 - Now TV 2 Month Sky Cinema Pass - £229.99

500GB Slim Watch_Dogs Bundle(Contains WD 1 & 2) - Fallout 4 - Now TV 2 Month Sky Cinema Pass - £239.99






500GB Slim Uncharted Bundle - $269





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Cheapest I saw it during Black "friday"(more like weekend..) was approx. 2100SEK, which is roughly 210eur. Thats extremely cheap, especially here in sweden where everything is +1mil % more expensive than the rest of EU >_<


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last tuesday i picked another (after selling my oringinal white ps4 over a year ago) one but this time it was a slim, it came with a 1TB slim console, drive club, uncharted 4 and ratchet and clank for 249.99 from tesco.

now i could of got the pro for less after doing a quick web search while i was walking around the shop but as i was looking forward to R&C and UNCHARTED 4 it would of cost me more buying the pro and games seperatly.so was best deal i could find which i pondered was cheap.

now all i need is to clear my argos card so i can get my N SWITCH and PSVR.... good times ahead, cant wait to play stardust vr and ressy vr.

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