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hexFW Updated


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  • GregoryRasputin

hexkyz has updated his CFW Framework for the Wii U, which implements a menu and recovery console style, here is some information about hexFW:






hexFW is an attempt to provide a user friendly CFW solution for the Wii U.


The code in this repository is divided into two main folders:

  • "firmware": IOSU patching framework
  • "launcher": exploit code chain responsible for injecting the patched IOSU image

Currently, iosuhax (by smealum) is the basis for the firmware patching framework. This project's goal is to build upon smealum's patching system to deliver a fully functional and customizable Wii U CFW. The exploit chain used to inject the firmware's code uses yellows8's wiiu_browserhax_fright and is a direct implementation of two distinct vulnerabilities documented by hykem, naehrwert and plutoo. The exploit is compiled using a stripped down version of the libwiiu project and is triggered from the Wii U's Web Browser.






Anatomy of a Wii U: hexFW

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