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Awesome Fan made video for Majora's Mask

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BobbyBlunt    820

No this is not a release and has nothing to do with nintendo directly but I came across this really cool CGI fan made video for Majora's Mask. Nintendo likes to hit anyone using their property so there is a good possibility this video will disappear but I thought it was a cool tribute to one of the most underrated games in the Zelda franchise. Normally I do not post fan made video projects but this one was really good. Check it out in case Nintendo decides to have it taken down



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Lucif3r    2,415

Very nice.


I agree, MM is very underrated. I personally always found it better than OoT. So dark and depressing, yet so awesome :) And there was sooo much to do even though you could skip 2/3rds of it(I have a feeling thats part of why people underrate it to such an extent).

Another game from the same era thats extremely underrated is Perfect Dark. It took everything that made Golden Eye good, amplified by 100, and delivered one heck of a game.

Oh Rare... why did M$ have to buy and ruin you........

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