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[Release] FSDumper by Crediar

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Crediar who has made and created several tools over the years, such as last year the WUPInstaller that has been used by many and utilized in several other projects in combination with his NUS grabber programs. Released a FSDumper on twitter 


Which does just that; dumps SLC and MLC on an SD card via a modified FW.img booted from cfwbooter.


Read me



FSDumper v0.1 by crediar

The application dumps all your files from your SLC and MLC to an SD card.


-prepare an SD card large enough to hold all the files.
 SLC is around 80MB and MLC depends on your usage of it.

-Assure there are no folders called usr or sys in the root of the SD card.
 The dumper won't overwrite any files.

-Load the supplied fw.img via the cfwbooter

-Load the FSDumper application via the HBL

-After the application is done you will find the SLC files in sd:/slc_sys 
 and the MLC files in sd:/sys and sd:/usr




Source https://twitter.com/crediar 


Edit: Baseless Speculation: He put a winky face next to 'future project' so perhaps he's got stuff relating to customizing those dumped files. 

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