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Egg 'n' chips

PSVR Package Prices

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HI folks,

just seen at argos there was a super stardust ultra VR game, and my jaw dropped. first thing that came to mind was "i dont do weed any more but shit man i gotta get me that game just for good old days sake" so i started looking for PS4 VR packages that i could find.

do you guys n gals know of anywhere that is selling a new PS4 pro AND VR headset together?

but not just that,what is the most you have seen for the VR or a PRO?

ive just seen on gumtree somebody selling VR for £550. yeah you read me £550 lol.



sooooo....whats the best deal and worst deal you have found for PS4 PRO + VR headset or just PS4 PRO/VR on its own? in the uk.

added 1 minute later

PSVR headset 399


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