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TRSI announces big thing coming for PS4 and XBONE

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Hello everyone 

So recently a lot of things have happened in the ps4 scene. The chaitin tech guys announcing a jailbreak for 4.01 ! 


BUT RECENTLY TRSI stated the following in their NFO:


EVERYONE wants to know about PS4/X1 - ALL I CAN SAY IS, ITS GETTING |
| CLOSE / HOPEFULLY IT WILL STAY in the wild people.. The back surge  |
| of ps4 *** is going to be insane.. speaking of we through out that |
| World of Final Fatasy ISO PS4 just to get the systems setup / kick  |
| the tires..

anyone have any insight news :-)?

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The only one i know of that has a direct line with TRSi is the owner of PSXHAX surprisingly as that may sound. he has a team members email. guy in charge i think. his personal one. he claimed so on the shoutbox. when he said so. everyone started to bug him about it pestering him for answers. Or rather to go fetch them from TRSi members. but we all know that won't happen. To b ehonest  i don't know what this is about. but i have a few predb site links to keep ahead of the times. :D



Hope i helped you guys in some way(s)!

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