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[Tutorial] How to decrypt and dump usermodules

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zecoxao    1,305

First of all i'd like to say thank you to the person who has allowed me to post this tutorial. His english isn't perfect so he asked me to make this tutorial on his behalf. Thanks, grass skeu :)

So for this, you'll need:

* ps4sdk precompiled

* elf-loader precompiled OR alternatively extreme-modding.de's elf loader (found here)

* the payload source

* 1.76 console

* fat32 usb pendrive

1- Fire up elf loader on your 1.76 console

2- Let it load all the way up to stage 5 without memory errors!

3- Compile the payload source. You can specify in between:

ps4KernelExecute((void*)path_self_mmap_check_function, NULL, &ret, NULL);


ps4KernelExecute((void*)unpath_self_mmap_check_function, NULL, &ret, NULL);

which module(s) you want to decrypt. if you want, you can even decrypt all modules from 1.76 Dump released a while ago! This includes elf,self,prx,sprx,sexe,sdll and eboot.bin. However, take into notice that you can only decrypt usermodules from disc or psn apps when you have loaded them and minimize them (by pressing ps button), and only from absolute path! (due to npdrm management)
I have left an example:

decrypt_and_dump_self("/mini-syscore.elf", "/mnt/usb0/mini-syscore.elf");

so, the elf will be written to usb0 (rightmost port), but you can specify others

4. run listener (if you want, this is optional):

socat - TCP:my.ps4.ip.here:5052

where ps4 ip is your local ip (mine is
5. finally send payload:

socat -u FILE:path/to/DumpFile TCP:my.ps4.ip.here:5053

specifying the path to the payload and the ip.
if the payload fails to be executed with out of memory error just stabilize on stage 5 WITHOUT restarting console and try again.

Any doubts please ask.
And all credits go to grass skeu for this awesome trick :)



added 5 minutes later

also @GregoryRasputin i cannot seem to find the attachment button >.<

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zecoxao    1,305

Just a small note. segment 0x6fffff01 cannot be "decrypted" from game eboots because... it's a plaintext segment in encrypted file :)
Just add it to the end of the elf.

Edited by zecoxao
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