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[Released] PS Vibe - PSTV Edition v1.0 - PS Vita

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PS Vibe - PSTV Edition v1.0

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There was a Homebrew app for the PS3 that allowed you to turn your PS3 control pad into a vibrator, well this app does the same, but with the PlayStation TV, if anyone want's to stick it in their ass and give it a test, feel free to do so, i assume the developer bares no responsibility for any damage done to your control pad in the process:




Did you know you can buy a vibrator in Poundland, rumours suggest that the Poundland where @Wolfie708 lives has sold out of them, as he bought them all O.o
P.S this is not an advertisement for Poundland, i just found it a little amusing that you can buy a vibrator for £1.


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It’s possible to connect PS3 and PS4 Controllers to a PS Vita, but the App shows the following message on PS Vita devices: "Error: PSVita detected!

PSVibe will only run on PSTV / VitaTV consoles

PSVitas dont have any vibration mechanism

sorry about that :(".

The developer commented (I think on the first release) "If ever someone figures out how to pair a controller with a PSVita, I will need to remove the model checks. But for now it will check to make sure you're running this on a PSTV / VitaTV system because otherwise it will only display text on the screen."

Does anyone know if it is possible to update the application so it will also work on PS Vitas now?

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