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[Released] PS Vibe - PSTV Edition v1.0 - PS Vita

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  • GregoryRasputin

PS Vibe - PSTV Edition v1.0

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There was a Homebrew app for the PS3 that allowed you to turn your PS3 control pad into a vibrator, well this app does the same, but with the PlayStation TV, if anyone want's to stick it in their ass and give it a test, feel free to do so, i assume the developer bares no responsibility for any damage done to your control pad in the process:




Did you know you can buy a vibrator in Poundland, rumours suggest that the Poundland where @Wolfie708 lives has sold out of them, as he bought them all O.o
P.S this is not an advertisement for Poundland, i just found it a little amusing that you can buy a vibrator for £1.


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