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[Released] Better Amphetamin v3.5-beta - PS Vita

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  • GregoryRasputin

Better Amphetamin v3.5-beta

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BeatPlay has updated Better Amphetamin to version 3.5-beta, for those of you who do not know what this plugin does, here is some information followed by the changelog for this version:




Original code for @TheFloW, thanks for @Rinnegatamante & @BeatPlay & @DreamPiggy
This plugin is for overclock, you can set CPU/BUS/GPU to MAX 444/222/222MHz(and more for advanced setting)









  • Overclocking (duh)
  • emaining battery (in mAh)
  • Estimated SoT
  • Estimated time to fully charge the battery
  • Eslimated battery temperature
  • Game Title ID








  • v3.5-beta
  • added PSN info (WIP)
  • added ability to display Temp in Fahrenheit
  • added OC Profiles (USE L+R or config.txt to change)
  • auto_oc/auto_uc/auto_uc_ext have been deprecated, but are still in the code for dev reasons
  • added main switch for PS-TV Features (pstv_features in config)
  • added custom Controller color (FULL RGB)




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