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Blu-Ray Drive Power Pinout?



My Blu-Ray drive is broken in my CECH-2504, and I want to remove it since I have no need for it to be fixed. I'm looking into putting an extra 1TB 3.5" HDD that I have into it, but I believe the standard HDD power plug (made for 2.5" HDDs) might not be able to properly power the 3.5" drive, and the devwiki says it may be unsafe, so I'm looking to power it off of the Blu-Ray power line. Does anyone know the pinout of the Blu-Ray or maybe alt points for it? Or do you think there's a better way to tap into the required 12V?



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There is a better way, by connecting it to the "prongs" of the power supply... that prongs are 12v (one is GND... the other 12v) and are only enabled when the PS3 is ON
In other words... when the PS3 is in standby there is no 12v out of the power supply, and thats good for what you need

You will need also a "sata connector extender cable" (containing both...data and power wires)... you will have to mod it a bit to attach the 12v wire to it
Something like this (male to female connectors) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Sata-15-7-pin-combined-Power-and-Data-30cm-Extension-Cable-Male-to-Female-/191096045072
For the mod you need to cut the yellow wire and attach it to the power supply... and left it unconnected in the motherboard side (because you dont want to send the 12v to the motherboard)

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