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[Released] Vita Organizer v0.4 - PS Vita

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  • GregoryRasputin

Vita Organizer v0.4

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soywiz has updated his application Vita Organizer to version 0.4, here is some information about the app followed by the changes:





Desktop tool for listing and uploading games and homebrew applications to PSVITA without the size requirements of uploading the whole VPK and extracting it later.



  • Improved row selection
  • Supported translations (please, go to github if you want to translate to your own language)
  • Show file in explorer/finder
  • Show PSF dialog
  • Version column useful for homebrew
  • Repack : Compression 9 + Remove duplicates + Make it safe (for backups done with older versions of vitamin, or homebrew done with older versions of vitasdk or without -s but that do not require special permissions)
  • Queue tasks (not displaying yet, but already allows to queue)
  • Added menus that will provide more features in future versions
  • Lots of internal improvements


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