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The Fake PS4 Forever Edition

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There is an image flying around that is apparently a leaked image from today's PlayStation conference, as fakes go lately this one is quite mediocre, i won't try and convince you its fake, most of you on the forum will be able to tell that its fake straight away:



1.) If such a console was to be released, then yes it would be the most powerful to date.

2.) Would be strange if such a console couldn't do all these things.

3.) Not sure what the "Baked-In" means, but the spelled PlayStation wrong.

4.) It is possible.

5.) LOL this is the main reason it is fake, i should not need to explain why.



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Not only are people buying into this crap, but he's not even trying hard to troll them into believe it.. It's so damn obvious. "BAKED-IN"? Come on we always knew that PlayStation  WAS SPELLED WITH A CAPITAL "S" for Station. it's a hoax.and the guy who tweets  about it says he just wants to hear those the guys' reactions to it! i guess he wanted to setthe scene on fire before the launch of the SLIM / 4K. Meh.

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1. Most powerful, no doubt. But also the most expensive... #justbuyafuckingpc >_>

2. 4k gaming wont happen, it just wont... Even GTX1080 cards still struggle with 4k, and that card alone is worth almost twice as much as a PS4(based on today's prices).

3. ...wut?

4. Yay, less storage and higher cost! Just what a console needs in this digital purchase era.

5. Upgradable xD Also, as far as Im aware, DDR5 RAM is not a thing, yet. They obviously have it confused with GDDR5, which is COMPLETELY different.


Bloody hell, even @StarMelter would be able to make a more believable fake....

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